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Friday, September 28, 2012

Colors and style setting

AMODIT lets you change color and style of user interface, so you can easily make it fit your corporate colors and logo or simply your personal preferences. To change color you choose "System settings" in menu.

Then you choose "User interface" tab. You can find "Change Colors" option there.
You can also upload your own logo and even upload your own alternate CSS file.

Color editor lets you choose favourite colors by clicking or typing RGB values.

So now you can make your AMODIT look like this:

Or this:
Or this:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tabs in toolbar

In version 1.8.1 we have introduced tabs in toolbar, because we are constantly inventing new features and number of icons is getting high. With tabs it is much easier to find a function you need at the moment.
It is especially useful if you define many manual rules and they all show up in toolbar. Not you have more place for them as only 3 to 5 icons are on the first tab by default.

Second tab:

We hope you like it.

Searching for empty values

Small new feature was introduced in advanced search. Sometimes you want to find all records with empty field. For example you want to find holiday requests when no person is assigned as a substitute.
Now you can...