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Monday, August 10, 2015


The list of changes in version 2.6

  • introduction of license codes
  • added ability to set multilingual:
    • rule names
    • section names
    • procedure names
    • procedure descriptions
    • static fields
    • names and descriptions of dictionary items
  • integration with Comarch CDN XL - the integration includes import of dictionary data and export of invoices together with a analytical description
  • improved management of dictionaries - the ability to filter items while editing
  • forbidden creation of multiple procedures with the same name
  • added the ability to filter the list of cases by procedure stege (to filter by a stage you must first filter by procedure)
  • corrected bug with accidental switching case list to an old view
  • improved formatting of numbers in different languages
  • amendments to the display of the history of the "file" field
  • improvement: system does not send a notification about change to the person who made that change
  • bug fixes