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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

New version 2016.0003

We have just released a new version of AMODIT. What immediately strikes the eye is the new format of version numbers. Instead of numbers like 2.9.3 we have introduced a numbers like 2016.0003. The version number contains a year and a number of version in a given year. This will it easier for customers to recognize how fresh is the version they have.
Which changes are introduced in a new version?

  • Improvements in the system of privileges, including new functionality for administrators, which shows who has permission to a given case and from what they arise. This functionality is located in a toolbar, under "Permissions" button.
  • In the user settings you can now set the notification frequency to "immediately" also for events other than receiving a case.
  • New icon "envelope" appears on the case list, next to cases that were created from email.
  • Optimization of displaying large tables (containing a large number of rows) and containing dictionary fields.
  • Optimization of dictionary fields.
  • New improved engine for loading emails and scans.
  • Optimization of system logs.