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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Key functionalities (movie)

We have just published 14 minutes movie showing key features of AMODIT in version 1.5.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sending emails from case and receiving responses

AMODIT gives you ability to send email from case using rules.
There are two functions which allow it.

SendMessage ( "userLogin" | "", "Subject", "Text" [, ""] )
,which sends simple email and
SendCasePrintMail ( "userLogin" | "", "Subject", "Text", headers?, signatures?, attachments?, history? [, "Chosen Section", ""] )
which can send email with form, attachments, signatures and history.

Important thing is that you can reply to such an email and AMODIT will receive it and store as a new comment into proper case. To achieve it AMODIT stores case ID in email header.

There is one more interesting thing. You can check who have sent the response. There are special fields that can be read in rules:

  • [CaseLastMailFrom] - sender of a last email (full name and address, like John Smith <>)
  • [CaseLastMailFromAddress] - sender of a last email (address only, like )
  • [LastMailFromTitle] - title of last email response received
All these features give you possibility to support sending and receiving emails inside AMODIT system and associate them with cases.

How to easily reorder stages in procedure

There is a new option to reorder stages. Till now you where able to do it using button "Move up" and "Move down". It was not very convinient when reordering many stages. There is new option now. You can choose new position for many stages using dropdown and then just click "Save positions".