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Thursday, April 4, 2013


There is new version of AMODIT available. There is one important new feature in this version: modification locking. This feature forbids editing same case by two persons simultaneously. It can be helpful if there are many users working on group of cases. When this feature is turned on, then opening a case by one user for editing will lock a case, so other users will be able to open this case just in read-only mode. They will be able to see who is editing the case at the moment.
Case will be unlocked when user exits from case. Additionally lock will expire after 30 minutes (or other time set in settings).

To turn this feature on you need to go to "System settings":

There is also one minor new feature in this version of AMODIT. It is ConditionalGet function. It gets values from one column of a table from selected rows. It has following syntax:

ConditionalGet ( "table (>table>table...)", "Field/column name", "Conditional field name", "Operator =, ==, !=, <>, <, >, <=, >=", "Conditional value/field name", "Separator" )

For example...


... will get values from column "email" from table "People" from rows where "city" is equal to "London" and will separate these values with semicolon. 

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