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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

BPM survey results

According to Konica Minolta research, two out of three medium-sized companies use document management system, but less than 10% take a full advantage of system's functionality. For more than 60% of medium-sized companies paper is still the dominant form of a document.

In today's world, people are inundated with a huge amount of information. An increasing amount of information and documents causes problems with their processing. Time to reach the information is getting longer. Therefore it becomes increasingly important to keep documents in order. Most of the information processed in organizations can be grouped into business processes. Business process management is a very important challenge, because its performance affects the performance of the entire organization.

At the beginning of 2014, Astrafox together with their AMODIT partner conducted a survey among the employees of Polish companies. The survey aim was to gather information on the use of the document management systems to improve management processes.

It turns out that for the medium-sized company the cost of handling of paper documents can be as high as tens of thousands per month. These costs include not only the paper consumption, which on average equals 12 reams per employee a year, but mainly the cost of time spent on sending, searching and viewing the documents.

100% of respondents answered yes to the question whether business processes in the company can be systematized and controlled. This demonstrates the high self-awareness about the solutions available on the market and their advantages. This fact is confirmed by the response to another question - whether the workflow system allows to access the archived document online and preview it by persons from different departments of the company. Also in this case there was affirmative answer from 100% of the respondents.

Another question asked was how much time office workers waste to search for documents. More than half of the respondents answered that it is 20%. This is also confirmed by an earlier study conducted by Gartner.

Almost 60% of respondents said that finding a single document takes on average 9 to 12 minutes. According to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers it is true. However, almost 40% of elaborate documents prove to be unsuitable for the implementation of the tasks commissioned to employees. It also turns out, that every 20th document being processed is lost.

It is then worth considering why to implement a workflow. The main reasons are:
- standardization of processes
- improved efficiency
- increased security
- better knowledge management
- flexible cooperation

AMODIT system offers all of these features. This is an innovative workflow system, which is based on the idea of ability to learn from the users, how the individual processes function in the company. The system uses artificial intelligence mechanisms to achieve this goal. Based on the collected data and history of user actions, the AMODIT system is able to suggest what should be the next step in the process and who should do it.
Maciej Buba, PMO & Business Solutions Manager at AmRest confirms the above statements. "The tool is easy to understand and so far we have not come across a situation in which something would be impossible."

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