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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Artificial Intelligence Workflow Webinar June 18th

Please register for our free webinar online:

Why AMODIT is the best workflow for SharePoint?

  • Gathers knowledge about processes from users while they work
  • Seamlessly integrated with SharePoint
  • No limitations and rigidness of Windows Workflow Foundation – you can modify running processes
  • Rich forms including tables, sub-tables, sub-forms, barcodes and much more
  • Forget about SharePoint limits on number of items
  • Choosing wrong BPM solution results in long implementation and impacts business models and budget

You will learn how to:

  • avoid bottlenecks and delays
  • take control over information flows
  • see how your employees really work
  • create reports on demand
  • get rid of paper documents

AMODIT Key features:

  • full integration with all SharePoint versions 2007-2013, Foundation, Standard & Enterprise
  • easy to use & no programming is required
  • rapid implementation & prototyping
  • start using from on 1st day without process analysis
  • processes are initiated by business not the IT
  • modify processes on the fly by business people
  • scripting engine/business rules for power users
  • collect data and predict user's behavior & text mining

In case of questions feel free to contact Mark Yasavolian at, 408-768-8476

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