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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New in version 2.1

  1. Before saving changes to rule AMODIT is checking if all used fields exists. In version 2.2. additionally the same checking will be done while changing field name. If changed field is used in rules AMODIT will propose automatic update of rules.
  2. Ability to change label of field without changing its name, It reduces numer of situations when field name have to be changed.
  3. Multilingual field labels on form. For each language you can define separate label for a field.
  4. Improved table view of fields, stages and rules. If description or rules takes many lines then just beginning of it is shown.
  5. New function: GetAttachmentContent – takes text content from full text search index. It can be used to get some information from scanned and OCRed document:

    GetAttachmentContent ([\"attachment name|attachment template name\"])
    If you pass no parameters it will get content of all attachments from current case. As a parameter you can pass a file name or a name of a template.
    Note – you need to wait till full text search indexes new document. Otherwise it will return empty text.
    Example in finding date on invoice:


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