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Monday, July 9, 2012

Signing, forwarding, form validating etc.

There are some small changes we have introduced in AMODIT 1.6.8 (which will be perhaps 1.7 stable version) in area of signing and forwarding.
The point is you sometimes want to make some manual rules to accept or reject using just one click. Rejecting is simple but when you want to accept from rule there are several options. You may want to sign one field on a form and then change stage of case. Problem is that you may want to have some required fields.
So if you put simply:

SignField("FieldName","Some comment");
ForwardCase("Someone","New stage");

If there are some required fields empty then you will get signature but forwaring will fail (and show proper explanation to a user). So this is not something you would like.

So there are two new changes:
1. Function IsFormValid() which returns if all required fields are filled-in. So you can write:

if (IsFormValid()) { SignField("FieldName","Some comment"); }

2. You can choose to define rules by just clicking checkbox "Sign case after successful rule evaluation" and choose a field (till now it was possible to sign whole case only).

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