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Monday, September 21, 2015


New in version 2.7:

  • The new document templates option "Convert to PDF". Enabling this option makes the source document (Word or Excel) impossible to download. Instead, PDF file is always downloaded. Before the conversion to PDF MergeFields are filled-in by corresponding fields in the form. After convertion each page footer is marked with case number, date of creation of the document, the person who created it and checksum. These information are also placed as a QR code. This functionality is particularly useful for generating agreements and offers from template to make sure that they were not changed.
  • Adding a preview for fields of type "File".
  • Adding a parameter to the function WorkDayDiff, which allows you to define the working Sunday.
  • Support for Hungarian public holidays in the functions WorkDayDiff and DateAdd.
  • The error causing duplication of scanned documents during server's heavy load was corrected.
  • Improvements in the proxy user's mechanism.
  • Small improvements in the user interface and bug fixes.

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