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Thursday, July 2, 2015

AMODIT integrates seamlessly with Office 365

Office 365 (O365) is a great collaboration platform in a cloud. Cloud version of SharePoint gives lots of featues for building intranets, storing documents and publishing information. However, its workflow features are very limited. But now it can be easily improved by seamless integration of AMODIT platform.
AMODIT with its intelligent workflow can serve as great solution for O365 workflow. Below you can see screenshots showing how both platforms work together.

On SharePoint library you can turn on AMODIT workflow feature.

If document in library is part of a process you can see its diagram with current state by just mouse hover over this file.

Context menu of every file in document library has new item.

You can easily see process bound to the document.

From this dialog you can also see process diagram with current stage marked with green color.

By clicking the process you go to process itself where you can modify its metadata (form), send it to someone, fire rules etc.

You can also see documents connected to the process. If the document is stored in document library in SharePoint then you can go directly to this library.

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