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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

AMODIT v.2.5

The new version introduces the following features and fixes:

  • integration with Toshiba MFPs
  • the possibility of narrowing down a list of people in a "user" field. Narrowing to one or more departments / groups. Options:
    • all
    • specific group or groups
    • my department
    • my department and sub-departments
  • system logs are hidden for regular users (not administrators)
  • required deadline for resolving the case is shown on the case list
  • improvements in text search
  • improved behavior of "File" field inserted into a table
  • amendment: dictionary field no longer displays inactivated items
  • group firing rules was corrected for closed cases
  • AddBarcode function was corrected. Function allows you to place a barcode on the document
  • other minor fixes

Soon we are going to publish version 2.6 which introduces among others:

  • license codes
  • full multilingualism (the ability to translate the names of procedures, dictionaries, rules, sections, etc.)

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