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Saturday, June 9, 2012

AMODIT in Academy of National Defence

Academy of National Defence have finished evaluation project with comparison of workflow systems. AMODIT and SharePoint were compared in area of modeling workflow processes.

As a result of this evaluation there were several advantages of AMODIT were indicated:

  • dynamic modeling of process diagrams based on history analysis and artificial intelligence
  • ease of defining electronic forms
  • built-in support for useful calculations, f.e. calculation number of workdays between two dates in accordance of weekends and public holidays
  • built-in integration with SharePoint, which lets use there two platforms as one product
- "Implementation of AMODIT and SharePoint significantly improved the management of information flow, which is an important qualitative change in the activities of the Department of Management and Command, and significantly increases our efficiency."
- Major MSc. Bartosz Biernacik,
Assistant in the Department of IT systems,
Institute of the Army,
Department of Management and Command.

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