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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rich support for e-mails

AMODIT had some e-email support before, which included:

  • sending notifications about new cases and changes,
  • sending alerts,
  • receiving scanned documents by email,
  • etc.
But it did not cover situations when you want to move your whole email communication with customers into AMODIT. One of our customers wants to use it this way. So recently AMODIT has been extended with new functionalities which allow really rich support for e-mails.

New features cover:
  • AMODIT can receive emails and convert them into cases.
    • Content of email is saved as comment, attachments are saved as files.
    • You can define mailbox for each procedure - every email sent to this mailbox will be transformed into case.
    • Newly created cases can be sent to chosen user or group.
    • There can be special mailbox for unknown content. Then special "unknown" procedure is used and proper procedure can be assigned later.
  • AMODIT shows cases sent from same email address and lets you merge them.
  • User can send email to person who primarily has sent email which created case. Such email contains caseID and replying to it will cause automatic attaching its content as case's comment.

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